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Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association - the most powerful professional elite team in the fashion industry of South China


Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association was founded in January 13, 2001, which is one of the most active and the most market-oriented fashion organizations in South China. The association converged the best clothing designers, fashion entrepreneurs, fashion brand planners, fashion photographers, image designers, fashion commentators, professional models and marketing experts in South china. The diversity of achievements has made the association recognized as the most powerful professional elite team in the fashion industry of South China. The Chinese famous clothing brand planning expert, clothing brand operation 5I system founder Dr. Li Jihai, who served as the chairman and legal representative of the association.

Guangzhou is the largest fashion industry center of China, with the best and deepest fashion foundation, while Guangzhou lacks the awareness of the promotion of fashion and the media of guiding fashion consumption. The main task of Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association is to promote, guide and enhance brand awareness and enhance the international competitiveness of Guangzhou fashion industry.

As an industry institution that always pursues the forefront of information services, Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association has been committed to providing designers with the latest international trends and consumption trends, tries their best to cultivating and selecting high-end fashion talent in Guangzhou.

In November 2, 2002, 2002 China Guangzhou (Xintang) international cowboy clothing festival, Guangzhou Fashion Association launched a cowboy clothing international fashion trends released, this is the first time in China to hold a professional trend Conference of jeans.

In December 7, 2002, the association held the lecture on the popular trends of the 2004 international SS fashions and the trend of international fashion fabrics of AW in 2004.

With the deepening of the service content and the popularization of the service objects, the Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association has begun to set up a professional member club, and the transmission of the trend information will be more professional, fast and rich.

The association also planned the Guangzhou top ten top ten fashion designer and photographer award in 2001 and 2002, the third and fourth Chinese fashion design student art contest, 2002 China (South China Sea) underwear model contest, the Guangdong Fashion Week in the autumn of October 2002, 2002 Guangzhou (Xintang, China) international fashion jeans Festival and so on.


Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association partners are as follows:

  • Leading bodies: China Textile Industry Federation, China Fashion Association, China Fashion Designers Association, National Textile Education Association
  • Industry organization: Italy fashion chamber of Commerce, Italy Textile Industry Association, the France national clothing development and Promotion Committee, the France women's clothing association, California Garment Design Association, the California Lions Club International, American women's Association, China Fashion Industry Research Institute, Milan summit Organizing Committee of Chinese and Italian fashion enterprises, Southern Union Commission, Italy National Fashion Brand Fashion Association, Japan Fashion Association, South Korea Fashion Association, Paris senior Fashion Council, Hongkong Trade Development Council, Hongkong Productivity Council, Taiwan Textile Development Association, Organizing Committee of the three-year Milan Exhibition and so on.
  • Academic organizations: Polytechnic University of Milan, MATTORI Milan fashion trends Forecasting Research Office, Tsinghua University research center of China entrepreneurship, Management consulting company and so on.
  • Business organization: Wang Rongsheng International Beauty Model School of the United States, Focus Department Store of America, G.T.Land Plaza, Grandview Plaza, May Flower Plaza, China Plaza, Guangzhou Wangfujing department store, World-trade New-world Plaza of Guangzhou, Dongshan Jinxuan Modern City Town , Haiyin Binbin Plaza, Guangzhou department store, Tianhe Shopping Center, La Perle Plaza, CITIC Plaza and so on.
  • Brand enterprises: Italy custom menswear brand Facis, Italy luxury footwear brand Lorenzi Musa, Della Guangzhou Caichun Jewelry, Aidali Shoes, Yilun Shoes - U LEAD, Dali Kafuer, Leather Family, Liwai Clothing, Yide Shoes, St. Hualutianni Shoes, Wanguo children's shoes, Yililai Shoes, Fashion G, EMU, Fang Fang, Yongan Meijing, Gu Guhui, Liren Town, Milan, VIGOSS, Gloria, Calfland, Lu Qi, S+S, Diamond Family, Blue Shark, Tuogu, Doug, Ka Bin, Luo Meng, Zhongbai, Tai Zilong, Li Lang, Fuguiniao, etc.
  • Fashion Celebrities: thedean of the Facolta del Design, Politecnico di Milano, Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis; Fashion trends research expert, Ms. Orietta Pelizzari; Paolo Giachi, world class designer in luxury; the creative President of the Italy custom menswear brand Facis, Matteo Zara; the owner of the Italy luxury footwear brand Lorenzi della Musa, Lorenzo Capannari; the famous fashion designers, "Golden Award" winners –Mark Cheung, Liu Yang, Wu Xuewei, Zhang Jicheng, Wu Haiyan, Wu Xuekai, Fang Ying, Luo Zheng, Ji Wenbo, Qi Gang, Li Xiaoyan, Liang Zi, Ka Bin, Wang Yutao, Ceng Fengfei, Liu Wei, etc.; beauty designers Ma Yanli, Deng Hao, Fan Xiaoyu, Yang Liuchun, Deng Linlin and so on; vice president of Hongkong Fashion Designers Association, Yu Lixuan; Hongkong avant garde cowboy and leisure design pioneer designer, Peng Shaoxuan; Taiwan chief designer of Envi of Italy women's brand, Yang Mingxian; chief designer of the famous top American Cowboy brand SADDLE SHOTS, Don Crandall Deslippe; etc..

In addition, the association has long been working with the Chinese Embassy in France, the United States, Italy, etc. and other international institutions.

Committee of the China Original Fashion Brand Alliance

The committee of the China Original Fashion Brand Alliance was formally established at the CHIC show in October 14, 2015. The promoters of the Alliance are as follow: president of China Fashion Group, president of Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, Li Jihai; president of Shenzhen Fashion Association, Shen Yongfang; vice president of China Fashion Designers Association, chairman of China Committee of Asian Fashion Federation, vice president of international Chinese Artists Association, Mark Cheung; Tony studio founder, China makeup, Li Dongtian; famous national make-up artist, Mao Geping and so on.

Chinese original fashion brands have flourished, and Chinese fashion industry has basically the basic conditions for promotion.

With a full understanding and advance planning of the fashion industry,the committee of the China Original Fashion Brand Alliance aim to promote information exchange between domestic and international fashion industries, actively innovate the brand industrial chain system, bring Chinese fashion brand to the world, breed more fashion brands and more fashion masters.

As a non-profit organization, committee of China original fashion brand alliance has been committed to promoting the development of original fashion brands, and strive to promote the development of fashion industry with original strength. "Integration, symbiosis, mutual creation and win-win" is the core concept of the committee of China original fashion brand alliance, "All fashion" is a new era concept derived from the core concept, that is, each fashion category in the industry needs cross-border cooperation, common development and win-win situation.

The committee of China original fashion brand alliance has broken the old pattern and created a new mode of integration and development, which will enable the entire fashion industry to open up a new situation and meet a better future.

Committee of Milan Summit of China-Italy Fashion and Famous Enterprise

In July 25, 2012, under the leadership of Guangzhou municipal government and the impetus of Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Guangzhou government held an official meeting named “New Guangzhou & new business opportunities -- Guangzhou(China) Italy Investment and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Meeting” in Milan, the economic center of Italy.
The purpose of the meeting is to promote the development of fashion industry of China and Italy, to promote communication and cooperation of fashion brand and design talents between Guangzhou and Milan, deepen business cooperation of practical steps and details, promote cooperation between the two countries in the fashion industry, such as brands, channels, agents, design, management, education and so on. With the strong support of the National Fashion Association of Italy and the governments of Guangzhou and Milan, the sponsors of the Milan Summit of China-Italy Fashion and Famous Enterprise are as follow: Design Institute of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Triennale di Milano, Italy DOMUS Design Institute, MATTORI - Milan fashion trends Forecasting Research Office, Organizing Committee of China (Guangzhou) International Fashion Week, Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, Kapok International Fashion Market.
With the platform of this meeting, the leaders of Chinese fashion brands had a chance to communicate with Italy luxury brand managers face to face. Under the impetus of the Guangzhou economic and Trade Commission, four cooperation agreements have been signed. At present, these four cooperation agreements have been implemented or are being implemented step by step. The four cooperation agreements are the letter of intent for cooperation of trend research studio, the letter of intent for cooperation of fashion visual consultant, the letter of intent for fashion design and fashion management talents training project, the letter of intent for cooperation of brand promotion and channel development.

Founding members of the organizing committee:

Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis

  • thedean of the Design Institute of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Doctoral supervisor, the president of the Milan Triennale, the curator of the design museum, senior advisor on design strategy of Milan municipal government.


Orietta Pelizzari

  • Fashion trends research specialist, the artistic director of the Italy Fashion Chamber of Commerce, the person in charge of fabric creative studio of Italy Textile Industry Association, the person in charge of fashion technology project of M.I.T., professor of fashion at the NABA of Milan, the founder member of the MATTORI - Milan fashion trends Forecasting Research Office.


Paolo Giachi

  • world-class luxury designer, top designer at luxury flagship store, designer of Jimmy Choo, chief architect of Prada group. The famous luxury designer who have more than 16 years of design and management experience of luxury and fashion brand. He is the designer of Jimmy Choo, Prada, Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Tod’s, Louis Vuitton, Hogan, Smythson, Brioni, La Martina.


Matteo Zara

  • Owner of Italy luxury footwear brand Lorenzi della Musa.


Li Jihai

  • President of China Fashion Industry Research Institute, executive director of China International Fashion Week (Guangzhou) organizing committee, President of Guangzhou fashion designers association.


Yang Li

  • Vice Chairman and secretary general of the China (Guangzhou) International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, executive vice president of Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, chairman of Specialized Committee of fashion brand market channel of the Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association.


Bo Xiaoqiang

  • Executive vice chairman of the Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, chairman of Specialized Committee of fashion brand market channel of the Guangzhou Fashion Designers Association, general manager of Guangzhou HongMian International Fashion Market.


Mei Qianyu

  • Director of fashion design and business management of Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University.


Zhong Lan

  • Professor of fashion design and business management of Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, vice president of Guangzhou fashion designers association.


Li Li

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the China Fashion International Fashion Week (Guangzhou), honorary chairman of Guangzhou fashion designers association.

Guangzhou Kai Shi International Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Kai Shi was founded in 2003, has a lot of cooperation resources with many professional exhibition company and fashion institutions at home and abroad. Kai Shi is committed to serving for the industry of shoes, package and leather in china, with professional, efficient service style and customer first service concept. In more than 10 years, Kai Shi have established close cooperative relations with dozens of countries and regions, including France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and professional fashion institutions in other emerging markets, which provide a perfect global market for Chinese fashion brands.

Services of Kai Shi include footwear, leather goods, clothing, clothing, beauty, jewelry, art and derivatives, and other fields. Kai Shi has many years of overseas exhibitors shoes package experience, such as Dusseldorf Shoe Expo GDS in Germany, Jakarta Shoe Exhibition GARDA in Italy, American Apparel Exposition MAGIC, Russia Leather Shoes Exhibition MOSSHOES, etc..

In 2012, Kai Shi built the first international trend sharing platform for Chinese footwear industry (MODAFEEL.COM), introduced international trends and information for online publishing, and organized the excellent Italian shoe designers to have one-to-one matchmaking and international footwear industry trends analysis seminar, to promote Chinese footwear industry to be in line with international standards, to provide a green channel for foreign original design to enter China. Kai Shi work with China Fashion Group to lead nearly 300 excellent original fashion brands both at home and abroad join into the first and second tier Department stores in China.

Since 2015, Kai Shi have combined CHIC and GOFL to expand sales channels for domestic and foreign shoes, leather goods, jewelry, fashion accessories and other enterprises, and provide a more effective trade exchanges platform.





Address: 207, 2nd floor, Winter Plaza, G.T.Land Plaza, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou



Guangzhou Fashion Week